Our School Programs

Spuyten Duyvil Preschool offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of parents and families in our community.  We are unique in allowing families to structure their child’s educational and childcare schedule in consideration of their individual work and personal needs. Financial aid is available for eligible families.

If your child was born in 2017 or 2018, you are eligible to apply for September 2021 admission. You are invited to visit our wonderful school and see for yourself if Spuyten Duyvil would be the place for your child to best flourish!  Be our guest for an open house or a guided tour.

Private Programs for Threes and Fours

Our school is open from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm.  This allows for Early Drop-off and Late Pick-Up beyond Nursery and PreK 4 hours. 

The Nursery program is open to children turning 3 by December 31.  The youngest child may start at 2 years, 9 months.  Admission is in September; depending on availability students may be added during the fall term. We do not have rolling admissions as a cornerstone of our program is to build group cohesion and collaboration as a group.  See the Nursery Application for information about the process.

The AM Nursery program runs 9:00 am – noon.  The PM Nursery program runs from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.  Children may attend two days each week (Tuesday and Thursday), three days each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or all five days.

Due to more interest than seats, we hold a Lottery on March 1 for admission the following fall. Your Nursery application must be received before March 1 to be included in the Lottery. After that date availability will be limited.

Lunch Bunch and Extended Time

AM Nursery children may stay until 3 pm as part of the Lunch Bunch program.  PM Nursery children can add Lunch Bunch (12 – 1:00 pm) to their afternoon session and/or Extended Time up to 6:00 pm.

Please contact the Director if you need help calculating tuition rates for your particular schedule.

NEW OPTION – part time private pre-K4 available during PM session; mixed age curriculum.

Not all families are interested in their children attending full week, full day, even though this is available free through NYC funding. Choice of days is Tu, Th OR M, W, F or M-F. The session is 1-4 pm, but with extended time could be as much as 12-6. Contact us for more details.

Pre K for Fours

PreK 4 is open to all residents of New York City.  Children must turn 4 by Dec. 31; the youngest children can be 3 years 9 months old when they begin in September.  All PreK 4 sessions are covered by funding from the NYC Department of Education; there is no fee to families.  We have two full-day PreK 4 sessions, each running 6 hours 20 minutes; the program day is 8:40 am – 3:00 pm.  Early Dropoff and Extended Time is available as a private add-on for PreK 4 children also.

For information about enrolling in the UPK/PreK4 program, which is funded by the New York City Department of Education, please visit the NYC DOE UPK website. Application cannot be made directly to the school for PreK 4.

Afterschool Add-ons:

Children in PreK4 are also invited to enroll in our Afterschool Add-ons for additional fees. Currently we offer Suzuki Violin and Hip-Hop Dance classes once a week after 3:00. This is separate from the Extended Day program and open to all 4-year olds.

Expanded Curriculum

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have suspended separate Music and Chess specials for this year. Nature Studies continues as always with children fully active tending to (and tasting) the crops and exploring nature large and small. We fully expect to restore all our unique programming as soon as safety guidelines permit.

In addition to the fully rounded, active program provided in the classrooms each day, our daily curriculum has been further expanded to enrich your child’s well-balanced preschool experience:

Music Classes

We provide a 40- to 50-minute music class each week in our studio.  The classes are led by an experienced early childhood teacher with a rich music background.  The sessions are arranged to follow an age-appropriate curriculum that emphasizes children’s natural rhythm and love of music to form a strong foundation of music concepts.

Music teacher Janet Winston has added group movement to the curriculum, further enhancing the musical experience for each child.

For more about our music program, please click to read the curriculum letter from Janet Winston.


All children receive a weekly class in playing chess.  Spuyten Duyvil works with a unique program developed by Chess@3.  Children work with instructor Roy Shuler in half-class groups for a half-hour each.  Classroom teachers play and learn alongside the children.

More information about this program and all the cognitive benefits is available at the Chess@3 website.

Nature Studies

Hannah Saunders is the founder of Second Nature Outdoor Learning. She has been exploring and sharing the natural setting of Inwood in Northern Manhattan with parents and children for some time. She brings her expertise in growing our own food, composting and exploring the natural environment to our children, families and staff.  Nature is still active through the winter and our children learn this firsthand, going out with Hannah in small groups all year round.

Vacation Camp

All Spuyten Duyvil students are invited to sign up for specialty vacation Camps during school breaks (December, February and Spring). Focus topics have been Science Discovery, Farm and Gardening and we are planning for Big Art as well. Teachers from our regular program staff the camps with full extended hours as needed; fees depend on days and hours.

Tuition Rates for 2021 – 2022

We offer many combinations of days and times to accommodate the wide variety of family needs. The attached tuition list gives some of the choices for M-F schedules. Check in with Director to confirm your schedule and cost.

Nursery tuition rates for 2021:

UPK Extended hours tuition rates for 2021: