Forms & Notices

Click here to read the most recent Spuyten Duyvil Family Letter, an update from the Director that we publish monthly during the school year.  You may also want to read our special Mid-Winter Report And Appeal, which recaps recent achievements, lays out some of our plans and provides an opportunity for families that can help the school to make a tax-deductible donation.

Use the links below to retrieve our forms and notices.

These documents are in PDF format.  To fill them out, you’ll have to print them out and work with the hard copy, which you must then mail to us.  We explain this below.

If you would prefer to have us mail you printed copies of our forms and notices, just go to our Form Request Page.


Our Nondiscrimination Policy 

Application forms for three-year-olds:

Nursery Application 
Application for Financial Aid 

Application forms for four-year-olds:

For information about the UPK program funded by the New York City Department of Education, including application forms, please visit the NYC DoE UPK web  

Forms used by families that are enrolled:

Emergency Contact Form 
Notice of School Emergency Plan 
Permission Form 
Medical Examination Record Form 
Medical Release Form 

How to view and print forms in PDF format:

Our forms are in a PDF format, which enables them to be printed consistently and legibly.  When you open a PDF form in your browser, a special Print icon will appear above the top of the form.  Please use this icon, not the usual Print icon built into your browser, to get a hard copy of a form.

Most computers have software that lets them work with PDF forms, but if your computer does not have the free Acrobat PDF Reader program, you can download and install it by clicking here.