Welcome To Spuyten Duyvil Preschool

Mosaic of four photographs showing children engaging in gardening and arts and crafts activities.
Learn about our Urban Explorers program for pre-preschool aged kids returning the week of February 26, 2024

Learning, play, social growth, and just plain fun at Spuyten Duyvil have been part of our children’s early experiences for more than 90 years.

At our beautiful school in the Bronx serving the communities of Kingsbridge, Riverdale, and Inwood, we provide thoughtfully developed programs for a diverse student body of three- and four-year-old children.  Part of this experience is our commitment to involve parents in the early education of their children.  We emphasize easy access and frequent contact between Spuyten Duyvil families and Spuyten Duyvil teachers.  We’re always focused on building richer lives for our children, not only during the school day but through an entire school experience that leaves everyone with the lasting gifts only education can impart.

We’re delighted to tell you all about our school‘s programs, personnel and purpose.  You are welcome to be our guest for an open house or a guided tour.  We are committed to providing your child a rich school experience.  Our school is unique in the area for the choice of program and personalization of childcare schedules.  In this way we further the connection between home and school; when parents’ schedules can be accommodated, children can move more easily between these two important areas of their lives.  Children that feel safe are much more open to absorbing and exploring all the experiences we provide during their time with us.

Our unique front yard has expanded space for parents to gather, groups of children to meet and work in “the farm,” and host family and community events.  Our wooded backyard holds our unique climbing equipment and parent-built sandbox; it is surprisingly peaceful and quiet given its urban setting, and one has the sense of being in the country while in the city. Children are outdoors daily year-round.

Our calendar is similar to the New York City public schools calendar, and it makes allowances for major holidays, holiday breaks, and vacations.

Founded as a parent cooperative, we have maintained the pioneering principles of that commitment.  We encourage parents to spend time with their children when their schedules permit.  We think this is particularly important for the healthy development of children who are making the transition from a world that revolves almost entirely around the home to one that includes the stimulating opportunities that can only arise in carefully planned programs for young children.

We also plan several events during the school year when parents, children, and staff come together for a social experience.  Our families participate in seasonal events throughout the year – Fall Festival, Family Breakfasts, Spring Garden Party, and Mini Mall.

Our classrooms are comfortable, light, airy, and arranged to facilitate the children’s cognitive and social-emotional development.  They are all thoroughly equipped with developmentally appropriate equipment and materials.

Nothing about the Spuyten Duyvil experience would be possible without an outstanding school staff.  We have one staff member for every six students, a ratio that provides the perfect balance of supervised and peer-to-peer interaction for each student.  Every student gets a tremendous amount of attention, and the proper amount of freedom to make the first steps toward developing an independent social personality.

You can email, write, or phone us for any information you might want that we haven’t provided here; please start on our contact information page.